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Environmental Service (ES) Managers Want Answers to Custodial Staffing Questions: Not Just Software

After 26 years as an organization, we’ve learned a few things about our customers:

  • You’re busy, probably understaffed, and don’t have time learn a complicated software package
  • You do want and need answers about the cost of cleaning and a way to make fair work assignments
  • You may want to improve your QA systems if you are still working with paper or paying too much
  • You don’t have $50-100k to drop on something you’re not sure you can use. Our system is priced affordably.

Solution: We Build It

Obviously, some type of software is the only way to organize hundreds of thousands of square feet and calculate cleaning time. The trick is in the setup, that’s hard for most users and a waste of time to learn since it’s a one-time event. Here’s what we do:

  • Gather your facility data, a detailed space inventory from virtually any source
  • Organize your cleaning tasks per type of room to your standards, including task frequencies
  • Build your work assignments and, optionally, set up inspection criteria
  • Provide you with the information you need

Ongoing Answers: You Drive or We Drive

Answers change over time, work is added, facilities are remodeled, budgets cut, you’ve been through it. Once we’re done, we continue to help, either by making the changes or by giving you our software. Customers are different and require different solutions:

  • Provide you with the best software for managing operations on an ongoing basis.
  • Or, provide you with on-going consulting to meet budget demands and answer questions
  • Or, both the above

Okay, But What about the software?​

We're glad you asked. After 26 years of development, our software is the best on the market, and that's not hyperbole, we'd love to show you why and how. If you really like to get bogged down in the details, take the menu tour.
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Informed's software is designed to:

  • Help you determine the amount of work your staff can perform and use that information to create balanced workloads for your staff.
  • Solve a variety of management issues, including addressing the effects of budget changes by assessing the impact on risk and appearance levels
  • Allow contractors to spin out bids faster than anything else on the market, and the same tools allow in-house organizations to rapidly create a variety of scenarios.
  • Facilitate optimization of resources by analysis of the effects of mechanization and other process improvements.
  • Improve quality, by both providing inspection tools and by structuring and standardizing work practices.

Call 515-809-1700 to request a free one-on-one online presentation to show you how this revolutionary software can take the guesswork out of your operations. Do not worry, we respect your time constraints, and decisions, and will not annoy you with endless calls and solicitations.

Whether you're a "do-it-yourself-er" or someone who would like one of team members to "just get the job done", we can help you. Our consultant-partners cover the US and Canada so it really doesn't matter where you're located.​ The menu tour gives more details, we think the choices and screenshots speak for themselves.

Our 26th release has continued our tradition of innovation and leadership with a number of powerful features and capabilities far beyond competing packages in the market.

Want to see for yourself? Call us for an online demo and consultation, 1-515-809-1700, or fill out the contact form above and send us a message.