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Seriously: It takes time to learn new software. So, we'll invest in you, if you invest some time in us: Use everything we have to offer for 6 months, including 15 hours of setup help and training with absolutely no obligation. That includes our workloading (with quick bidding tools for you contractors) and our companion inspection software. Informed has a 25-year history of providing engineering support to environmental services operations with data-driven analysis and a solid mathematical approach to a market in need of professional-grade tools and knowledge. You haven't seen anything like this for managing cleaning operations. In-house or contractor, we offer an amazing array of tools. It took us 25 years to get to this point, an impressive level of power and sophistication. Call for a demo: 1-515-809-1700 and you can see for yourself.
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iManage Informed Cleaning Management Software for Any Type of Facility
Want more detail? Call us for an online demo and consultation. 
For immediate information, click here for a detailed view of our features and rich set of menu choices in our core software.
Informed's software is designed to:

  • Help you determine the amount of work your staff can perform and use that information to create balanced workloads for your staff.
  • Solve a variety of management issues, including addressing the effects of budget changes by assessing the impact on risk and appearance levels
  • Allow contractors to spin out bids faster than anything else on the market, and the same tools allow in-house organizations to rapidly create a variety of scenarios.
  • Facilitate optimization of resources by analysis of the effects of mechanization and other process improvements.
  • Improve quality, by both providing inspection tools and by structuring and standardizing work practices.

Call 515-809-1700 to request a free one-on-one online presentation to show you how this revolutionary software can take the guesswork out of your operations. Do not worry, we respect your time constraints, and decisions, and will not annoy you with endless calls and solicitations.

Whether you're a "do-it-yourself-er" or someone who would like one of team members to "just get the job done", we can help you. Our consultant-partners cover the US and Canada so it really doesn't matter where you're located.​

Informed's workloading product, iManage Informed is the most advanced tool on the market for analyzing, optimizing, and managing environmental service operations.  Others claim to have the most advanced tool too, so take a look along around and see if anything comes close to this. The menu tour gives more details, we think the commands speak for themselves - and contact us to upgrade your operations when you're ready.For comparisons, we list our competitors on our Resources page for your convenience.

Our 25th Anniversary (2018) release has continued our tradition of innovation and leadership with a number of powerful features and capabilities far beyond competing packages in the market. For more detail on the enhancements.
New: Excel automation for rapid setup. Click here for details (instruction manual section)
Note that you can use our automation system for space inventory, employees, equipment library & consumables, work assignments, area types & tasks and inspection data. 
Help for Breeze Customers: Now that Breeze is no longer in business, we're pleased to offer additional discounts and help to make the transition. And, we're expert at migrating your existing Breeze data.
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Building Service Contractors use our system for quick and standardized bidding and estimating. View a video here.
New in 2018: Navigation 'trees' display essential data, and then allow you to jump directly to the relevant screen:
Try it for free for six months with no obligation. We'll throw in 15 hours of technical support and training to get you up and running