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File Operation functions on the left side of the Admin Menu offer fairly standard file Save As and Open File functions. Realize that the system opens a data file automatically when started up, but that you can save the data file to a new name and modify it without changing the original. The currently open data file is always listed on the home page. There are a few additional file operations that are associated only with databases such as to compact and repair.
Administration: this includes file management and the most advanced controls and functions in the industry.
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image of report dashboard, showing it has a wealth of options and commands
The Control Panel command on the far left is extremely powerful and deserves a look since it highlights the unique features and unusual level of control available in the software. Spend a few minutes thinking about this page. Notice that each shift is independently controlled. For example, shift 4 could be renamed Weekend Day, be set to a 2-day workweek length and have any of the other parameters, such as cost set uniquely. Absenteeism and Productivity: There can optionally be factored into reports and calculated results adjusted to show their effects.
Another useful feature is called "Forced Time". Normally, the time to clean a room is determined by the sum of the task times, adjusted for task frequencies. However, there are cases where we may need to override the natural time and, instead, force the system to accept a time we determine. For example, there is a lack of solid, time-studied task times in healthcare, so many managers simply set a time/room standard such as 19 minutes to clean an occupied patient room. Similarly, you may know that a particular room takes less or more time than the system calculates. Therefore, we developed a way to allow you to set your own times for cleaning rooms, as shown below:
image showing before and after of the force time page where rooms of a certain type, in this case washrooms, can have their cleaning times manually set.