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The Bid Wizard is oriented towards contractors and has tools unlike anything in the industry. Some of the largest contractors in the world use this software, so we are confident of its value. The wizard builds a bid estimate based on three items: the type of facility, the size of the facility and the percentage of carpet. The type of facility is based on a template and we offer major types such as offices, higher ed and k12 to get you started. But, you can add as many templates as you like and each can have any number of area types and tasks. The wizard has six steps. Step 0 is simply where you create a new customer:
Contractor-oriented Bidding: The bid wizard stands without peer in the industry.
Here is a sample of one of the many tools you'll find throughout the software: The ISSA Task Calculator is another way to get to answers quickly and easily.
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Graphic showing step 0 of the bid wizard
In step 1, you select a type, set the size and and percentage carpet. Here, we selected a K12 type, a size of 252,000 SF, 30% carpet and then clicked the wizard button. As you can see, the basic set of area types was created where the total SF was determined based on proportions set in the template. But, you can change them here as well as add other area types from any of the other templates.
Graphic showing step 1 of the bid wizard
Graphic showing step 2 of the bid wizard
In step 2, a simple space inventory is created, but you can add buildings, floors or rooms if needed. Difficulty levels can be adjusted as well as area names changed.
Graphic showing step 3 of the bid wizard
In step 3, tasks and task frequencies can be adjusted. Here, we're adding an ISSA task.
In step 4, Optionally, consumables and equipment can be associated with tasks and analysis shows quantities of consumables needed. In this case, the existing labor hours for is compared against that if a machine were used instead. For this small facility, the savings probably doesn't justify buying the machine, but if the machine could be used on other jobs it would be well worth it.
Graphic showing step 4 of the bid wizard
Step 5 is where all the pieces come together. A variety of reports are available and, if desired the data can be output to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.
Graphic showing step 5 of the bid wizard