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People, you need people. People are needed to clean, and supervise the cleaning. People are needed to inspect the cleaning, issue purchase orders for supplies and take ownership of equipment. Cleaning software needs people too.

You can manage Informed Cleaning Management Software with a minimum of people populating the database, but your work will be much more meaningful if you take the time to put your people into the people library?. You may store a lot of useful information about the people here, or just their names.

The basic employee records are useful alone, but you can also create and maintain a detailed set of records about each employee. These can be classified any way you like and can include employee actions such as promotions, commendations, training courses, or anything you need.

Reminders can be set for any employee action, so when you do an annual review for the employee, you can set a reminder that will make Informed Cleaning Management Software remind you in advance next year.

Informed Cleaning Management Software is completely flexible in that you can add not only your own personnel actions to the action list, but also add your own titles and department names. These will then appear in the appropriate drop-down selection lists for data entry.

Over time, employees are terminated, but inspection records, purchase orders, and many other traces of the employee remain in the database. Rather than forcing you to delete or change all these records, Informed Cleaning Management Software allows you to designate an employee as inactive. This removes the employee from the active records list, but leaves him or her in the database, along with all that employee's associated records.
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