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We at Informed developed a special Healthcare Core for the unique challenges faced by hospitals and others in the healthcare industry. Our business is your business and our up-to-date knowledge in infection control CDC and Canadian guidelines is reflected in our software. Our Healthcare Core includes all the features of our Standard Core, as well as additional healthcare-specific content.

Environmental services and custodial departments are under continual stress to maintain and improve the cleanliness and sanitary level of their facilities. The focus of our powerful software system is cost reduction, while improving the quality of your facility. Informed cleaning management software is easily customized to meet each customer's unique requirements, including:

  • Functions to Track Employee Training (important for infection control and CDC minimal requirements)
  • Tasks Specific to Healthcare
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction by reducing infections and cleanliness levels
  • Embedded methodology to Help To Minimize Costly HAI'S
  • Help in Reducing Employee Turn-over by establishing fair workloads

Informed Environmental Services Management Software™ will help you to easily find answers to questions such as:

  • How many custodians are required to clean our facility?
  • What is the change in staffing requirements when we change tasks or frequencies?
  • Due to budget cutbacks we must reduce staff by a certain percentage. How can we most effectively reduce the cleaning tasks we perform and balance our schedules to accommodate the reduction?
  • I want to fairly balance the workload among my employees. How can I most effectively do that?
  • An employee claims his work assignment is too heavy compared to her peers. How can I determine if he is right or wrong?
  • How much cleaning chemical do I really need?
  • A salesperson is proposing a new cleaning program with different chemicals and different cleaning frequencies.How do I estimate the true cost or savings?
  • I’m considering investing in new cleaning equipment. How do I calculate the ROI?

Answering and addressing these questions requires more than just opinion. Even when your opinion is spot-on, it takes some data and analysis to convince other people. Cleaning Management Software helps in that regard by applying facts and math to the problem.

Our Software brings together the best of the world's cleaning standards, such as those formulated by ISSA, APPA and independent consults. It helps fulfill several major requirements of the Cleaning Institute Management Standard such as work loading and quality measurement.

We understand that a lot your total cost of operations is labor, and our software offers many tools to analyze and optimize your organization. These tools include easy-to-use, single screen "calculators" that show the ROI for equipment investment, as well as tools to allow you to instantly see the effect of changes in cleaning tasks and changes in task frequency. If you do have questions about supply and cleaning chemical usage, our software can help find the answers to that too. Why don't you give us a call or email and we'll help you assess which of our products will help you the most?
Healthcare Core, our specialty edition
When it comes to patient care - we know what we're doing. The figure below shows our CDC-inspired patient room task list

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 from one of our customers Here
More than any other type of facility, Healthcare organizations are under enormous pressure to maintain both cleanliness (appearance) and sanitary conditions. In fact, sanitation is becoming a key concern for all medical related facilities. INFORMED understands the unique workflow processes that produces sanitary conditions

Our Healthcare Core is designed to assist organizations in reducing costly outbreaks and meet increasingly stringent regulations. INFORMED ES Software aids with developing balanced work assignments leading to reduced worker turnover. We at INFORMED continually research infection control protocols and hospital bench-marking studies such as this one published by AHE, Association for Healthcare Environment. You can be assured, we know what it takes to clean a hospital. 

Our experts studied and incorporated task and process recommendations set forth by the CDC here in the US, as well as the Ontario Provincial Infectious Disease Advisory Committee and others. Our cleaning software allows a choice of standards, or you can completely and easily customize your own tasks and times. 

Our goal at INFORMED is to help you get an easy start using our software. One important note, we have many government-run facilities that have special install requirements and can license with or without an internet connection.
Increased Cleaning Costs = Decreased Overall Costs
Yes, it takes more time to do the job properly and we're as tired of hearing about the budget wars as you are. Given the costs of HAIs, its probably obvious that decreasing them saves money, but very few consider how much money can be saved by spending more time on each room, following best practice guidance, and then inspecting the work to ensure it's done properly.

We've created a little spreadsheet 'calculator' you may download and then pop in your own numbers and see for yourself. Perhaps it may help you convince the CFO that it's "no-brainer" to increase expenditures in cleaning since it saves money. It turns out with any reasonable assumptions, the cost of HAIs swamp the costs of cleaning labor, consumables, inspections (to ensure compliance) and, of course, software such as ours.. Download our HAI Cost Calculator Spreadsheet from here.
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