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Supplies and Equipment menu graphic showing functions such as the supply library and the equipment library
Supplies & Equipment Functionality
The Supply Library can handle any number of vendors and products. As shown, products can be associated with tasks to allow usage estimates
Supply library page graphic showing a betco product loaded
When supplies (consumables) are assigned a coverage factor, and associated with tasks, usage estimates can be performed.
Equipment Library: This is a container for all types of non-consumable items. It provides mechanisms for managing inventory and adding equipment to inventory. Once added, maintenance records can be created. The Associate/Replace tasks system allows one to perform an ROI by looking at specific tasks and determining if a piece of equipment (along with it's productivity) would save sufficient cash to justify the purchase.
Image of equipment library showing how a piece of equipment can be added to the inventory
No time or interest in setting up the libraries, no problem, as we offer several quick calculators to answer questions quickly with easy one-screen analysis:
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