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Inspection menu showing icon command choices for template setup, archiving and reports
Home Page Menu showing icons for home page and view and edit reminders
Area Types and Tasks menu graphic showing icons for commands such as Task Dashboard
Labor estimates menu with icons for Report Dashboard, cost center reports and others
Work assignments menu showing icons for work assignment dashboard, seven routine work assignment shifts, as well as project work
Supplies & Equipment menu showing icons for commands such as vendors and reports
Human resources menu showing a single icon command choice called employees
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Our extensive feature set is obvious, just from the menus. Contact us for an online demo to show you what we can do.
Starting with the Home Page menu: Note that reminders cover everything from inspection "immediate attention alerts" issued by inspectors, to project work scheduled to start. Security allows administrators to set user levels, simplifying menus where needed. This cuts down on training time as well as protecting data from unauthorized tampering. The home page is a central navigation tool allowing you to zoom quickly to frequently used pages in the software. Click the Details button for more information.
Our Space Inventory tools are unparalleled in the industry, which is why the best consultants love our software, and you will too. We can migrate data from spreadsheets - or teach you to do it and the mass-change tools allow lightening-fast modification of each area's assignment schedule. Click here for some advice on the space inventory collection process.
Area Types and Tasks: this is really one of the most time-consuming setup operations you'll have to perform, so we've developed a variety of tools to do everything from push-button change of task frequencies (to any one of five risk levels), to mass-replace functions. The procedure pool allows one to create SOP's and associate them with tasks or work assignments.
Our Labor Reports are superb as they combine information, including hours, FTEs, cost per SF and are customizable to show by virtually any level of summarization such as by site, building or floor. Wizard reports allow you to create ad-hoc criteria and custom grouping and sort orders.
Creating Work Assignments becomes simple once the space inventory is in place and task frequencies are set. Easily add primary and secondary cleaning routines to assignments on any shift and set those shifts to be any work-week length. Combined with the project work "shift", this allows much more flexibility and easier organization for managing everything from 24/7 operations with weekend shifts to managing segregated labor such as floor specialists.
Inspections are the only way to ensure work quality and we believe you should have the finest tool available at no extra cost. Thus, we built the world's only mobile inspection system that works off-line, requires no web connection, ever, and no monthly cellular or other fees. We feel it's the most cost-effective solution available on the market.
The Supplies & Equipment Menu has a wealth of functionality. The menu encompasses a well-stocked supply library and we work with manufacturers and distributors when more supplies are required. The supply calculators give you instant answers to complex questions and supplies can be associated with tasks to generate usage estimates. The equipment library can be used for task analysis and replacement for improved productivity.
The Human Resources page allows you to keep training records, as well as personnel action records. Set and manage employee schedules, and track employee's assignments. This page packs a lot of punch.
Time Study menu showing icons for dashboard, perform time study and reports
Time Studies: Since the industry is lacking in time standards and those that exist often conflict: We created the first (and thus the best!, and only) time study functionality available in our industry. Using the existing space inventory and task lists and assignments, time studies are a breeze.
Bidding: We have some of the largest contractors in the world using our software to spin out bids rapidly and consistently. For them, this alone is worth the price of the software!
Space Inventory Menu showing icon commands for rooms dashboard, sites, buildings, floors, etc.
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Bidding menu showing commands for a dashboard, setup wizard and to switch the active customer
Administration: For consultants and very advanced users, we have some tools we don't ordinarily allow access to, including global settings and our Excel data migration system
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Administration menu showing many command icons
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