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Access Developer's Page: After 20 years developing on the Access Platform, we feel it is only fair to offer some tools and techniques back to the generous community who helped us along the way.

EVS managers, below is a list of sites that may be of interest to you. They contain products or services valuable to our industry.

Data Know How - Visual Workloading Software
A powerful and graphical tool

American Institute for Cleaning Sciences
The American Institute for Cleaning Sciences (AICS) is the leading authority in the commercial cleaning industry. AICS is the architect of the comprehensive Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Building (CIMS-GB) and acts as the registrar for the ISSA certification program. Say hi to Dave for us if you stop by.

ISSA: International Sanitary Supply Association
One of the most useful, by far.

The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers
We recommend you buy the Custodial Staffing Guidelines if purchasing Lite.
It’s included with our full version

International Facility Management Association

National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities
This is a really good site, check their resources on custodial staffing.

Cleaning Management Institute This is part of ISSA certifications and standards

Building Service Contractors Assoc.

Gifts In Kind International
Donated software – now that we're a corporation, if you are a non-profit in need of software, please contact us to arrange a donation via this organization.

Resources & Industry Links
Cleaning Software Competitors

We’ve looked at the competition and encourage you to do so too – always make informed decisions! Note we offer competitive upgrades for owners of any of the following, contact us for details, we're sure you'll find it worth your while.


Hunter Consulting and Training

Housekeeping Systems, Inc.


Westech cleaning auditing systems

Digital Housekeeper



Elliott Affiliates
Notes on finding the right software...

After 26 years in the business, I've seen and heard a lot, and some incredible things. Software that crashes with inexplicable error messages. Claims of the "most advanced/sophisticated" software of its type on the market. Claims of being the original CMS (cleaning management software). You know what: it's mostly marketing hype and sometimes outright deception. There are some hard questions to ask, that may help you cut through the smoke:

  • Advanced: ​What is the development platform? Is it a true database, or a collection of spreadsheets tied together with code? Can it handle multiple users simultaneously, or does it lock files and users users out?
  • Sophistication: Does it take 19 button clicks to accomplish a single task? Yes, one video on the web I've seen demonstrating what should be a single, or at most several click operation took 19 button clicks, and all had to be done in a specific sequence, with no particular rhyme or reason for the order.
  • Does it have on-screen, instantaneous graphical display of important metrics?
  • Support: Does support include email and phone and how much does it cost? Are upgrades included? How often are upgrades typically performed?
  • Feature set: Can the software handle all or most of your operational needs including equipment and asset tracking, consumable expenditure estimates? Does it allow adjustment of all basic parameters such as length of work day, length of work week, labor costs? How many hours have gone into development over the past 26 years? Do the principles have an engineering background?
Access developers: Please visit our developers page for sample databases and code. We are grateful to the community for your generous donations of time and hope these tools will help you. 
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It's a tough business. These once were and are no more, we miss you:

Breeze Custodial Solutions

Daniels & Associates Software

Rimrock Technologies

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