Informed EVS Management Software is the premier labor estimation and analysis tool on the market today. Derived from our years of experience with professional-grade workloading software, it allows one to automatically build a facility model in about the time it takes to read this paragraph. Using it, managers make intelligent decisions based on rigorous math rather than guesswork – yet it’s easy to learn and use..

Speaking of the words "easy to use", we and most other software providers have always faced a dilemma with this. On one hand, we need to provide many functions and screens to offer a powerful application and many of those screens are intended to make your job easier. But, on the other hand, people need to learn all or most of them and that takes time..

So, we recommend 2-3 days of training with our EVS Management software for most users and this begs the question, "why, if the software is so easy to use, do I need so much training?"

Well, the best way we can explain it is to think back to the first time you sat behind the wheel of a car and compare your fear and confusion to the now. If you're a driver, it seems easy, doesn't it? It's exactly the same way for our management software - it takes a good 20 hours to get to where you can get to point A to point B reasonably proficiently and, perhaps 40-60 hours of practice to get fairly good at it.

Our consultant-class software covers the following aspects of your housekeeping and facility management job, and, our menus are ordered this way.

We start with the space inventory, since you can't do much without a detailed space inventory which is a list of sites, buildings, floors, and rooms. The rooms must be further defined by at least three characteristics: Size, Use, and Flooring Material.

It moves on to building basic schedules - these are the backbone of the organization.

See the menu tour on the home page for a better understanding of the progression.
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Educational institutions are experiencing unprecedented budget cuts. Our customers are using INFORMED Management Cleaning Software to justify funding and improved processes.

We've worked with APPA's Custodial Staffing Guidelines since its inception in the 90's and offer not only tasks based on their five levels of clean, but also many alternatives reflecting years of experience in the cleaning industry and implementation of over 400,000,000 square feet of space in the last decade alone.

But, we've moved beyond APPA and work with a concept of five levels of "risk", rather than just five levels of appearance or cleanliness. The real issues are much deeper than just appearance as you probably know.
BSC's and others cleaning office buildings, manufacturing facilities and other types of facilities have unique needs and requirements. 

Our software is completely customizable to any cleaning process and can assist any cleaning organization get the job done quickly and efficiently.
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