Introducing SlateStudy(tm) for Time Studies on Tablets, Slates, and Laptops

Integrated into our Software at no extra charge, you simply pay nominal device license fees if needed

Perform time studies with any mobile Windows tablet, slate of laptop device and move to a new level of sophistication at a price you can afford. The system offer push-button synchronization of data from your data file on the network to the device, which then can be operated off-line. This allows time studies in the field without needing a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. See the screens and details at the bottom of the page.

The software automatically generates time study templates for each type of room in a work assignment-and automatically records the time for each task for a one or two-person team. The time and date, as well as the name of the observer recording the time study is automatically added to each record.

For the first time, the industry has an easy-to-use tool for talking the guess work out of work loading, balancing employee loads, and creating real-world, validated task time standard. Best yet, the system is completely integrated into software packages, requiring absolutely no extra setup time.

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Environmental services time-study software is available exclusively from distributors of our products. Compatible with all versions of Windows, the software provides a fast and accurate method of managing and optimizing a facility’s environmental services operation and works seamlessly with iManage Informed's flagship Core Facility Management Software™

The software can handle virtually any size facility, and has been tested to 25,000 rooms. Ease-of-use features include automatic, two-way synchronization of room information, including tasks, work assignment, employee(s) associated with the work assignment and supervisory zone; as well as reference information about each room including size, name of cleaners and work assignments on any of three shifts. The software also helps institutions qualify for Cleaning Institute Management Standard (CIMS™) certification, which requires formal inspection, and workloading based on accepted industry standards.
Graphic showing time study menu with three selections; dashboard, perform time study, and reports

  • ​Easy data capture - just select a work assignment to study, and then a room in that work assignment
  • Captures task time for each room - either for a single worker or for a two-person team
  • Statistical analysis of actual task times versus assumptions
  • Ability to "feed" the time results (averages) back into the system to "correct" the assumptions
  • Complete integration with our Standard and Healthcare edition software at no extra cost.
Reporting Available

Study data by:
  • Type of area
  • Task
  • Employee
  • Observer
  • Site
  • Building
  • ​Work Assignment
Note, this example is using an HP 500 slate, a device slightly smaller and about the weight of an iPad.The time-study window is shown below. Here, the observer can select a building and floor and then a room to bring up the time-study template. The template is automatically generated, depending on the type of room and will show the task list along with the daily allocated time for each task. Data is stored automatically when another room is selected. If a second worker (assigned employee) is selected, the screen will show a second column of start and stop buttons, as well as "Start Both" and "Stop Both" buttons to indicate both workers are doing the same task.
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