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We do one thing, and we do it well. We help managers in charge of cleaning manage, organize, analyze and optimize their operations via consultation and cleaning software. This is our mission.

Labor estimates are based on accepted standards developed by organizations such as ISSA and APPA. We’ve also developed our own sets of area types and their tasks over the course of years. We've incorporated CDC Ontario Hospital Cleaning best practice Recommendations, PIDAC, in the healthcare edition of software - and we stay busy keeping you up-to-date.

ISSA is the International Sanitary Supply Association www.issa.com. ISSA is well known and respected and we gratefully acknowledge their permission to use their copyrighted 560 Cleaning Times.

APPA www.appa.org was formerly named The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers, whose members we've helped since 1993. APPA now uses just the name APPA since they’ve begun to represent other types of organizations. APPA has a range of resources available for facility managers, and we recommend you visit their site.

We’ve also expanded our capabilities beyond educational institutions, and now when you run the program for the first time you are asked what type of facility you clean or manage. Pick from Educational, Nursing Home, Hospital, or Office/Commercial and the program automatically loads the appropriate area types (groups of tasks) for you, as well as a sample building. Of course, all the other area types are available to you with a few simple mouse clicks, but we get you up and running quickly.

Our software is unique in that it not only calculates cleaning times for you, but also allows you to see the impact on time requirements for five (5) different levels of cleanliness, from Level 1 (Orderly Spotlessness) to Level 5 (Unkempt Neglect).

What Makes Us Unique

Although we are high-tech, we believe that the best way to run a business is the old traditional way: Our partner, the customer is always right. We are devoted to customer satisfaction, and will never be too big to take advice. Tell us a feature you want in the software and odds are, in the next release, it will be there.

INFORMED has been providing the best in cleaning management software and services since 1993. Via our strong reputation and clientele we continually develop and expand our software and services to deliver customized, targeted software and analyzing tools. We are committed to delivering our state of the art software and services so that you and your team will experience immediate benefits.

Our professional team will develop a program that best suites you facility at a no-nonsense price. Informed software is designed to be used at any size facility and is priced accordingly. We were the first to use a fair price system, based on square footage.

INFORMED is used in the US, Canada, and we are presently piloting our program overseas.

We at Informed work with top industry professionals, using accepted time standards, such as APPA and ISSA. We have gone beyond simple workloading to provide a wide variety of valuable analysis reports that will answer important questions. We understand that each facility is unique. Hence, our software is completely customizable. And, we look forward to challenges.

We maintain memberships in ISSA and the BSCAI, and have advertised for years in APPA's Facility Manager publication. Our director attended the CIMS auditor training workshop to better understand the software needs related to that effort.
Our History

In 1992, Claude Berman and Jack Dudley partnered to create software for facility managers. Jack had just finished editing and co-authoring the book, Custodial Staffing Guidelines for Educational Facilities, in which he and his co-authors pioneered a new way of looking at custodial staffing needs. This book, now in its third edition, is still available from APPA and we highly recommend it.

Claude, developed the first version of the software and it was released in 1993. It allowed facility managers to quantify the impact of staffing changes on cleanliness levels, a first and probably still unique capability in this type of software. Claude’s background is in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in mathematical modeling. This approach led to a very different animal, software-wise, than through continual development it has led to the programs currently on the market.

Jack retired in 2001 and Claude, in partnership with other members of the organization, still develops the software and works on the technical side of the business. Nancylee Berman (yes, this is a husband-wife team) is the Chief Operating Officer, and manages the business.

We have close alliances with several major industry consultants who lend support when needed and distribute our software.

Through the years, the software has been refined and improved. Now in its eighteenth year, our users report it is powerful, yet easy-to-use. Below some answers to common questions:
Link to the American Institute of Cleaning Science
Link to APPA with logo
Link to ISSA
Credits and Thanks

Jack Dudley of INFORMED, Inc., Racine, Wisconsin: Who got the whole ball rolling at APPA to develop the concept of the five levels of clean and then had the vision to fund the development of CMS software. Jack passed away and we will forever mourn the loss. 

Martin Baldwin of Martin Baldwin & Associates, Horseheads, NY: Whose personal support and professional expertise helped take the software up many notches.

Gary Clipperton of National Pro Clean Corp., Colorado Springs, Colorado: Whose many suggestions for improvement, and building productivity adjustment system (now incorporated into CMS) resulted in satisfied users everywhere.

Jeff Gayer of Canberra Corporation, Toledo, OH: Thanks for the hours of help and support Jeff, you will never be forgotten.

Alan Bigger who contributed immensely to the development of the five levels of clean, and to my understanding of what this software should do.

Cameron Adams of Diversey, Inc. whose invaluable contributions and tireless promotion of our software helped us along immensely.

Kevin Keeler of Keelerconsulting.net who contributed our K12 area types and tasks - and whose friendship over the years is sincerely appreciated.

David Frank, leader of the ISSA CIMS effort, for all your contributions. Your knowledge and deep understanding of the industry continually help us grow.

Jerry West of Managewize.com, who tirelessly spurred us along to improve and grow.

Claude Berman
Director, INFORMED Corporation, May, 2011
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Q: What are the system requirements for your software? 

A: You'll need a 1 GHz. Processor and 2 GB of RAM. We designed the screens for a monitor with a resolution of at least 1366 by 768 pixels. The software runs on all versions of Windows from Win 7 to Windows 10. Depending on the size of your database, you may find more memory, a faster processor and/or a faster hard drive system will help, especially when you get beyond a few million square feet and 4000 room records.

The installation requires a minimum of 500 MB on your C drive and another 500 MB either on it, or another drive for shared data.

For network installation, we require a mapped drive on a storage server with each user having read/write privileges. The software doesn’t require any special server configuration.

Our installation consists purely of components licensed from Microsoft Corporation™. These components include a runtime version of Microsoft Access 2013™ and associated support files. Thus, you can assure your IS people that the program is state-of-the-art and will not damage your computer. 

Our Wise installation script was developed by Sagekey, who are a highly respected Canadian firm. It ensures that the runtime installation of Access we install is isolated from any other versions of Access on your machines. It will not interfere with their operation. Sagekey also, developed our internet-based licensing system that allows you to control user-level, and privileges on each of your PC’s.

You will require an internet connection for license activation unless other arrangements are made with us (government and other secure facilities can be excepted from this requirement).
Q: What is my return on investment?

A: The significant amounts you can save in productivity gains exceeds implementation costs by several orders of magnitude—call us for our ROI analysis spreadsheets—we can help you justify the investment with facts and figures your business office will appreciate.

Q: What if I don't like your software?

A: If you wish, we can provide a time-limited license for evaluation free of charge.

Q: I'm afraid of giving information over the internet, how can I know if you're legitimate?

A: Call us and we'll give you references, facility managers at major companies and institutions all over the planet. Or just send us a PO and we’ll do it the old fashion way. 

Finally, we hate spam as much as you do--we promise we will never share your confidential information with anyone. Period. Never. Ever. (That's our Privacy Policy) We also won’t plague you with sales calls. We don’t need to. We will notify you of upgrades, if you purchased and check occasionally to see how you’re doing, but that’s it. If you contact us about the software, do an online demo or download the software, we'll leave you in peace.
This what we want to prevent: Poorly Managed Employees
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