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We have years of experience helping customers successfully implement cleaning software, including training, data migration from other software as well as spreadsheets. Service is our driving force, and it starts from the moment you call or email. Services include:

Pre-sale support: We invite you to schedule a free on-line demo where we can get to know one another and your issues. We start by discovering your needs and expectations. We will explain how our company and products can meet your needs. We will honestly let you know if our product isn't right for your situation.

We put the costs right up front, by filling out a proof of concept spreadsheet calculator with you at the start of our on-line presentation. We show you how the costs can be justified with our calculator and email you a copy so you can have a record of our discussion.

We continue by opening up the cleaning software and giving you as brief or lengthy demonstration as you desire. Our first goal is to evaluate for certain our product is right for you. We don't want you to waste your money. And that is why we spend time understanding your situation.

Once the on-line presentation is finished, we will discuss our course of action. If you need an evaluation period, we can provide you with time-limited license keys and download links. If you wish, we will evaluate your existing data and determine what we can use and what is missing.

Implementation Support: Once you decide to purchase, we provide the following services as needed

Data migration: This can save you a tremendous amount of time. We find typical facilities have about 3000 rooms per million square feet. Working at a fast pace, it takes about 30-45 seconds per room to manually enter the data. We can do the job for you at a very reasonable cost. Along with the room information we enter your employees, and work assignment names for you at no additional cost.

Data Collection: We provide on-site services to walk the facility if needed and measure rooms. Or, we can provide you with PDA software and sophisticated laser measuring tools if you wish to do it yourself. Our software allows you to enter the data on the device and then automatically move this data into our software. We provide this service at a cost of $0.005 to $0.015 per square foot depending on location and accessibility of the facility. Our preferred method of data migration is by taking the data directly off floor plans and CAD files if possible.

Training: Depending on your needs, we can provide on-site or on-line training. Our personalized on-line training is very inexpensive and flexible because we can work with your schedule. Of course, we like to visit you and work with you directly. In some cases this is the preferred method. The reason is that we walk your facility and provide suggestions at no additional cost. Of course this depends on your budget and time constraints. However, we keep our travel costs low.

Customization: Out of the box, our software is very flexible, and customizable to allow accurate analysis and ensure your specific needs are met. We pride ourselves on the customizable tools built into the software. We believe iManage Informed is the best software of its type on the market. However, sometimes we find a customer has a need our software cannot fulfill. In that case, we improve the product, and release a new build within a matter of weeks. Sometimes we do this at no charge if we think other customers would appreciate the new feature, and sometimes we split the cost.

Post-Implementation Support: We designed our software to be easily upgradeable. Thus, allows you easy to get new features mid-year for free. If you have questions, we're always here to help you. If you have many questions, a quick on-line training is usually possible (which we can do virtually on-the-spot when needed). If you find a bug, and yes, we sometimes do have bugs, we will remedy the problem immediately, no questions asked. See below for our proven process to get you operational after training.

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Down the road...

In the future, we'll have better software as this has been the highlight of our 26 year history. Our competition is always improving, and so must we. The trick is to always stay one step ahead of the other guy.

Without continuous improvement and happy customers, well goodbye Breeze, goodbye Daniels and any number of others.

They copy us, but by the time they have copied a feature, we will have come up with several more. This is why we have maintained a loyal customer base for over 20 years. We stick with them and they stick with us. We will be there for you with our best software improvements.

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