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You should know that I have been such a big fan of this software for a very long time, and you could rely on me for an unqualified testimonial should you need it! I not only substantially improved the level of cleaning in my buildings, I was able to standardize training, inspection, supplies, and equipment by bringing this tool forward. I was also able to virtually eliminate the unequal distribution of work (and easily address ongoing claims of such). This was an incredible feat in a union work environment e.g., I was not allowed to do time studies (per union agreement), but the union finally did agree that the Informed staffing standards were fair!. I was also able to prepare contracting scope documents for contract services! 

Steven Keyes
Salem College - MA
Partial Client Base - Users of our Software
We market our software under three labels which are all the same from a functional standpoint. The labels differ in the content (supplies, equipment, tasks and procedures) based on the distribution channel. The labels are:

1. Informed, our own label, distributed directly and via consultant/analysts who we certify as competent in the cleaning industry and in use of our software.

2. Game Plan Program, distributed through Diversey, now a part of Sealed Air who, in turn, works directly with their customers or in partnership with their own distributors.

3. Achieve Pro: distributed by Triple-S and through their own member-distributors.
Each label has two editions, a standard edition generally used in all sectors except healthcare and our healthcare edition.

Since inception, we’ve helped institutions comprising about 400 million square feet improve and manage their operations. The list below is the 250 million SF we have helped in since 2005. As you can see, it's a fairly comprehensive list.

Label-    Organization-SF

Informed-Memorial Hospital Printers Park-200,000
Informed-Immanuel Health Systems-300,000
Informed-Covenant HC (ugrade to HC edition)-1,250,000
Informed-Jackson Hospital-1,000,000
Informed-Community Hospitals & Wellness Centers-400,000
Informed-North Memorial Health Care-900,000
Informed-Hudson Hospital & Clinic-150,000
Informed-Wishard Health Svcs-1,500,000
Informed-Sound Shore (now part of Montefiore)-500,000
Informed-Sidney Health Center - maint thru 2014-300,000
Game Plan Program-St. Lukes Hospital-800,000
Game Plan Program-Methodist Sugarland Hospital-1,500,000
Game Plan Program-University of Texas MD Anderson-3,000,000
Game Plan Program-Washington University School of Med-3,100,000
Game Plan Program-St Croix Regional Medical Center-200,000
Game Plan Program-University of Rochester Medical Center-3,000,000
Game Plan Program-Holland Home-1,250,000
Game Plan Program-St Therese-500,000
Game Plan Program-East Alabama Medical Center-700,000
Game Plan Program-Allied Healthcare System-2,000,000
Game Plan Program-AHTNA Facility Services-1,500,000
Game Plan Program-Northern Arizona VA Health Care System -650,000
Game Plan Program-Brant Community Healthcare System-500,000
Game Plan Program-Community Hospital-800,000
Game Plan Program-Cookeville-650,000
Game Plan Program-Community Hospital-800,000
Game Plan Program-Ohio Health-3,000,000
Game Plan Program-NVE-3,000,000
Game Plan Program-St. Cloud Hospital-1,500,000
Game Plan Program-Presbyterian Hospital - New Mexico-1,100,000
Triple S - Achieve Pro-Methodist Hospital - Hendersonville-1,000,000

Healthcare Edition
Standard Edition
Label-    Organization-SF

Informed-Illinois Central College-50,000
Informed-Montclair State University-1,000,000
Informed-Central Kentucky Tech Col.-1,000,000
Informed-Eastern Washington University-1,000,000
Informed-St Lawrence University-250,000
Informed-Houston ISD-24,000,000
Informed-York University-8,500,000
Informed-First Baptist Church Merritt Island-100,000
Informed-School District No. 23 - Central Okanagan -500,000
Informed-Genesee Community College-1,000,000
Informed-Vicksburg Community Schools-1,000,000
Informed-La Posada at Park Centre-400,000
Informed-Gonzaga University-700,000
Informed-Northern Alberta Institute of Technology-500,000
Informed-Sarasota County Schools-1,000,000
Informed-Edgewood College-1,000,000
Informed-Kirkwood Community College-1,000,000
Informed-University of Maine at Farmington-1,000,000
Informed-Community College of Alleghany Co.-1,500,000
Informed-Colorado School of Mines-1,500,000
Informed-Newark Public Schools-5,200,000
Informed-Georgetown County SD-3,250,000
Informed-Montgomery Area SD-1,000,000
Informed-St Albans Town Edu Center-500,000
Informed-Windsor Unified SD-500,000
Informed-St. Michaels College-1,000,000
Informed-Jersey City Public Schools-10,000,000
Informed-SD 69 Canada-800,000
Informed-Dryden Central SD-500,000
Informed-UW - Whitewater-1,250,000
Informed-Minneapolis Schools-700,000
Informed-On Lok Community Housing-300,000
Informed-Guilford County Schools-10,000,000
Informed-Wyalusing Area School District-400,000
Informed-Carthage College-1,250,000
Informed-Baldwin-Wallace College-500,000
Informed-University of Minnesota-11,000,000
Informed-Illinois Wesleyan University-1,250,000
Informed-Huron Valley Schools-2,000,000
Informed-Syracuse University-2,500,000
Informed-McHenry County-500,000
Informed-Bluegrass Community and Technical College-400,000
Informed-South Williamsport Area School District-400,000
Informed-Victoria University (Canada)-1,000,000
Informed-Neosho Community College-200,000
Informed-RTI International Annual Lease-400,000
Informed-Washington State University Tri-Cities-500,000
Informed-Forest Grove Church-50,000
Informed-Casper College-700,000
Informed-La Crosse Schools-1,750,000
Informed-ASCU - Vermont School-500,000
Informed-Bloomfield Hills Schools-1,100,000
Informed-Trinity Baptist Church-150,000
Informed-Brandeis University-1,500,000
Informed-Catlin Gabel School-200,000
Informed-Free Chapel-200,000
Informed-Kirkwood CC-1,250,000
Informed-North Hills School District-1,000,000
Informed-TSNVI (Texas School for the Blind)-400,000
Informed-West Allis SD-1,100,000
Informed-Whitworth University-700,000
Informed-Wyoming Law Enforcement Center-100,000
Informed-Heritage College-150,000
Informed-Luther College-100,000
Informed-Augsburg College-1,000,000
Informed-Help College-250,000
Informed-Geneva Central Schools-500,000
Informed-Ashley Crutcher-1,000,000
Informed-John Mackey-1,000,000
Informed-Humboldt State University-1,000,000
Informed-Washington State University-4,000,000
Informed-Janton (BSC)-500,000
Informed-The Jackson Laboratory-250,000
Informed-Mott Community College-1,500,000
Informed-MGM Grand Casino Detroit-2,000,000
Informed-Henry Ford Community College-1,000,000
Informed-Warsaw SD-1,000,000
Informed-Tesla Motors-3,000,000
Informed-Colorado College/Sodexo-2,000,000
Game Plan Program-Eden Prairie SD-1,750,000
Game Plan Program-St. Mary's-1,000,000
Game Plan Program-Gardiner Schools-1,000,000
Game Plan Program-Waterville Public Schools Maine-300,000
Game Plan Program-MSAD/RSU Skowhegan-500,000
Game Plan Program-Massachusetts Institute of Technology-6,000,000
Game Plan Program-Irvine SD California-2,000,000
Game Plan Program-Hopkins SD Minnesota-3,250,000
Game Plan Program-Rochester Public Schools-2,800,000
Game Plan Program-San Bernardino City USD-3,500,000
Game Plan Program-University of Wisconsin - Superior-900,000
Game Plan Program-Husson University-1,000,000
Game Plan Program-Edina Schools-500,000
Game Plan Program-San Diego State University-3,000,000
Game Plan Program-Richland SD-1,500,000
Game Plan Program-McMaster University-3,500,000
Game Plan Program-Michigan State University-4,500,000
Game Plan Program-Winona Mn SD-800,000
Game Plan Program-University of Iowa-8,000,000
Game Plan Program-Rochester Technical CC-700,000
Game Plan Program-Florida International University-4,500,000
Game Plan Program-University of Victoria-3,000,000
Game Plan Program-Wilfrid Laurie (Canada)-2,000,000
Game Plan Program-Spring Lake Park SD-800,000
Triple S - Achieve Pro-Shelby County SD-1,000,000
Triple S - Achieve Pro-Gallatin SD-1,000,000
Triple S - Achieve Pro-Logan County Public Schools-1,000,000
Triple S - Achieve Pro-Pulaski County Schools-1,000,000
Triple S - Achieve Pro-Bowling Green Independent Schools-1,000,000
Triple S - Achieve Pro-Eastern Kentucky University-1,000,000
Triple S - Achieve Pro-Calloway County Schools-1,000,000
Triple S - Achieve Pro-Fayette County SD-1,000,000
Triple S - Achieve Pro-Granby SD-1,000,000
Triple S - Achieve Pro-Mass Comm College-1,000,000
Triple S - Achieve Pro-Lower Merion School District-1,000,000
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